Global Trading 365

Meet GT365 cutting edge technology

An award-winning trading software designed for all levels of investors to feel the pulse of the markets


Trade US stocks.

At GT365, we offer a variety of options
to capitalize on U.S. market

Wide selection of
investment options

Users will access to a variety of trading choices, such as invest in US stocks, ETFs, Options. Margin trading is also available with a leverage that enables up to 4x for purchase of shares for day trading

Mobile trading

Investors are able to seize opportunities anytime, anywhere with GT365 full-featured mobile trading app that gets high rankings in the App Store


With GT365, trade stocks online achieve more value at a lower price. For US stocks, $0.01/per share, minimum $2.99 per order

execution time

By establishing the "Direct Trading Access", GT365 Brokers' ultra-low latency trading system will speed up the execution time and make it happen within milliseconds